Is Luca Designs Legitimate? A Detailed Analysis on an Upcoming Brand

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Looking for that incredible new leather jacket? I was scrounging the internet for a good deal but also something unique to catch my eye. These days all you find are mass retailers doing the same thing and trying to make a quick buck. Not for this brand! Luca Designs is a hand made and tailored […]

Are Bomber Jackets still in style in 2022?

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The Perfect, Long-term Bomber Jacket Investment. We appreciate those hard-working items in our wardrobe that we turn to again and again: the perfect pair of jeans, that trusted shirt, or the best sweat-wicking workout clothes. Right up on that list is a good’ol bomber jacket. Lightweight versions of the sleek jacket thrive in the shoulder seasons […]

Loving Your Real Leather Jacket? How Do You Get It To Love You Back?

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A care guide from Luca Designs for real leather jackets 4 Steps to keep your leather jacket perfect forever Cleaning dirt and stains Safe storage for leather goods Conditioning the leather Unstucking a zipper Don’t you just love your Luca Designs leather jacket? Soft, comfortable, like a second skin protecting you from wind, rain, dirt, […]


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STILL THE BEST CYBERSPACE MOVIE OF THE MID-90S 1995 WAS A BANNER YEAR for films trying to make sense of the new-fangled frontier known as cyberspace. You had Johnny Mnemonic, in which Keanu Reeves plays a data trafficker using his brain as a literal hard drive in the pandemic-ravaged distant future of, erm, 2021. But last out of […]