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March 22, 2022

Is Luca Designs Legitimate? A Detailed Analysis on an Upcoming Brand

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Looking for that incredible new leather jacket? I was scrounging the internet for a good deal but also something unique to catch my eye. These days all you find are mass retailers doing the same thing and trying to make a quick buck. Not for this brand! Luca Designs is a hand made and tailored brand that builds the jacket of your dreams with industry standard parts, high quality imported leather and designs from out of this world — literally— Space — Mario — Games— Mass Effect, and sub Characters or Villains + Fashion Leather.

Luca Designs’ legitimate and authentic approach to innovative disrupting has changed the way jackets are built. When viewing their stunning gold chrome design, angel wings and badge of honor, I felt comfortable right away.

What makes a legitimate brand?

What makes a clothing brand legit? Well, that can be broken down into parts of what I call the authenticity factor.

Customer relationships

A brand that takes care of their customers first: answering emails, offering calls, personalization, and really wanting the customer to get it right the first time shows massive integrity with this brand.

Designer Quality

Many other jacket makers are cheaper material based jackets that fall apart, or if you are lucky enough, you’ll receive a jacket at all. Many who I have been in touch with who first went to other knock off brands based on price, ended up regretting the service, the quality, and the jacket they received was usually not what they wanted. It seems that even though Luca Designs creates legit images, they respect the new materials they use every month to best represent the product while improving quality as they go. With Luca Designs, you can feel the uniqueness in their softness when needed but aggressiveness in their badass goatskin jackets when you need something to give you a different vibe.


Most brands do standard work. Basics. Luca Designs offers jackets with character, flair and something to say while wearing it. I purchased the Black Quilted leather jacket, Red Hood & Mass Effect jackets to test as they all represent different affiliates and moods. When I wear them I am given a sense of belonging and confidence as stated on their ABOUT ME PAGE — it’s truly a unique experience.

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Being Cool

The brand’s designs and connectivity with the fanbase is just unbelievably successful in the way it communicates to the following — Instagram — @Lucajackets. If you are not already following them on social media, I will link them below:



What is cool is being authentic, being original is cool, speaking your truth is cool. Being ethical and offering great service with options is very cool!

trustpilot 5 stars

Luca Designs Reviews — lucajackets.com

The Trustpilot reviews from Luca Designs are incredible. Of course, they have a 5-star rating, but overall it’s amazing that they are taking care of as many customers as possible for such an upcoming legit brand with a personalized approach. I got an email back quickly giving me a personalized taste of what jacket size I should get based on my big frame, and I didn’t even need to go custom.

Luca Designs offers custom jacket sizing for all plus sizes and irregular shapes.

YES, that’s right — CUSTOM SIZING is an option with this brand! The amount of effort it takes to do custom sizing — most brands will not take these kinds of projects as they mass produce. Luca Designs has complete quality control over their end product, and can even add a small change here and there without much of a cost if asked for a custom quote. Not everyone is lucky to have the perfect body, so I am happy they offer this to the public as an easy menu change before checkout.

VEGAN, You bet! Animal Friendly Leathers

Luca Designs makes 90% of its products with a vegan alternative and also launched organic leather options that are without the use of chemicals within its tannery.

I can’t believe the vegans have not heard about this yet. My experience with other brands is that the leather peels very quickly. Luca Designs, according to recent customers reviews, have stated the brand doesn’t peel even after 2–3 years of owning the jacket with proper care. Japanese leather is one of the top quality imports — it’s not the same material used by mass-produced brands like H&M or Hilfiger. Luca Designs passes quality checks with the vegans, vegetarians, and vegetables (just kidding) — mostly the vegans.


In conclusion, the brand is low cost, high quality, and exceeds all expectations. They will blow up with success way beyond where they are now. Time to take a chance on this upcoming household name! Luca Giorgio started this brand with the intent of having customers feel a sense of belonging and to have the ability to start conversations with what they are wearing every day, connected by films, games, nostalgia, and all the things we love! You cannot go wrong with a Luca Designs jacket— they are as legitimate as it gets, and one thing’s for sure: you won’t stop at just one.

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