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April 16, 2021

Tips for Buying a High-Quality Leather Jacket

Buying High Quality Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a universal symbol of fiery rebellion and fierce originality. When you put on a perfectly tailored leather jacket, your day instantly becomes that much better. The right jacket goes with just about any outfit, mood, and lifestyle.

If you’re finally making the decision to buy a custom jacket that suits your one-of-a-kind personality, do it right the first time. Our tips for buying a high-quality leather jacket will make the entire buying process a breeze.

Find a Designer You Vibe With

Let’s be real—it’s rare for a leather jacket designer to truly understand the meaning of their own products. Yes, leather jackets give you a sleek, cool appearance—but they’re more than that. They’re a statement piece in your wardrobe and a key element of your identity; they inspire confidence, connect communities, and rebuild downtrodden individualities.

At Luca Designs, we care about the communities that surround our jackets—lovers of geekdom and fashion alike rally together behind our custom jackets, creating a beautifully unified community. Your handmade, custom Luca leather jacket will make you stand out in your community with a statement piece that is uniquely you.

Look for High-Quality Workmanship

Even with the best quality materials and the most creative designs, a leather jacket without incredible workmanship to match the designer’s talents will fall flat. Buy from a designer that treats each leather jacket as if it’s an art piece or a collectible— something you’d want to display for the world to see. A designer that demands only the highest quality workmanship for their custom, handmade jackets is putting all their love into their business. As such, they likely deserves your attention.

Find the Design and Fit That Are Best for You

Finally, make sure that you’re buying a leather jacket that captures your style and personality. Whether you like a sassy, elegant jacket or a heavy, hard-hitting jacket, make sure it’s the most iconic article in your wardrobe.

In addition to the above tips for buying a high-quality leather jacket, you must find your correct measurements before you finalize your purchase. This is a high-quality jacket—you want it to fit properly. Look at the designer’s size chart and sizing method before you decide which size works for you; you won’t regret putting time into getting it right.

Leather jacket sizing mistakes often happen due to improper measurements. Whenever possible, have someone else help you measure your chest, sleeve, and waist sizes to avoid inaccurate information. A perfectly tailored, real leather jacket will relax on your body over time, molding into a comfortable second layer that you’ll love wearing anywhere you go.

At Luca Designs, we’re paving the way in the high-quality leather jacket industry with products that push the boundaries of fashion. Our designer leather jackets for sale reflect our community of rebel souls and outcasts with excellent fashion sense. Join our tight-knit family of geeks, gamers, and rock stars today with an authentic, handmade jacket from one of our iconic collections.


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