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December 15, 2020

The All-New Captain America Textile Jacket. Dress like Steve Rogers and Feel Ready to Fight for Freedom

Captain America Jacket
Captain America Jacket

Are You Ready to Do Whatever It Takes? Protect the multi-verse in the new Captain America Leather and Textile Jacket.

The New Captain America jacket takes us back to the original feel of Steve Roger’s iconic and patriotic battle suit. Inspired by Captain America’s signature suit as seen in the Captain America and Avengers movies, and now in Avengers: Endgame, this jacket is handcrafted from high-quality, durable textiles to look and feel like the real thing.

Captain America Jacket Luca
Captain America Jacket Luca Design

Designer Quality. Handcrafted. Unique.

Throughout the Marvel cinematic universe, Chris Evans plays the all-around good guy Captain America, the super-soldier frozen in time and woken up to save the world from chaos. You know the story. We’ve seen him throughout his own films and the Avengers series, kicking butt and taking names, battling with the Winter Soldier and Hydra, all while looking stunningly battle-worn but ready for more in his sleek super-suit. Show off America’s butt by wearing this expertly tailored Captain America suit jacket, cut to hug your body and hit perfectly at the waist, with leather accents and the signature yet subtle Luca Designs metal emblem on the sleeve. This newly created Captain America jacket for women and men will be a piece of your clothing arsenal that will make you smile for years to come.

Steve Rogers Captain America Jacket

The Best Captain America Jacket for Men and Women

Luca Designs creates high-quality, stunning, character inspired clothing for the modern fanboy or fangirl, with inclusive sizing and lasting materials. Each jacket is handcrafted by expert tailors to ensure each jacket will be uniquely your own. Just like your favorite heroes, no two are exactly alike. 

Based off Luca’s passion for character accuracy and high-quality details, Luca Designs has created the world’s first handcrafted textile Captain America jacket, complete with movie-accurate details but built for everyday wear. Crafted from high-quality textile, this jacket is made to look and feel like Captain America’s iconic hero suit. American red, bright white, and deep blue echo across this jacket, sculpted to accentuate your fighting form while you protect the world from evil.

With Luca Designs…

Steve Rogers Captain America Jacket Luca
Steve Rogers Captain America Jacket Luca Design

…It’s All About The Details 

The iconic Avengers logo is hand stitched on the left jacket sleeve, showing your loyalties and striking fear in the hearts of your adversaries. The best part of this original Captain America jacket is the removable brown X shaped shoulder straps, the signature concept from Luca Designs to ensure you can wear this jacket as part of your Captain America cosplay, costume, or everyday street wear. Look closely and you’ll see the Luca Designs metal emblem on the exterior of the jacket, providing authenticity and integrity. And of course, both the mens and womens Captain America: Civil War jacket feature two exterior and two interior pockets!

The All-New Captain America Textile Jacket

How to Wear the Captain America Textile Jacket for Men and Women

Doing a Captain America cosplay? Just grab some pants and a shield and you’re ready to go. Captain America Fourth of July costume party? Slip on this Steve Rogers jacket and grab a beer as you watch the fireworks celebrate the freedom you’ve fought so hard for. Movie night with friends or a date night downtown? Grab some black jeans, boots, white tee shirt, and top it off with this comfortable and stunning character-accurate Captain America textile jacket for an effect that will wow the crowd. Looking to stun on the street? Look no further.

Grab your slinkiest red dress and high heels and toss the Captain America jacket over your shoulder for a look unlike any other. Or for a more casual daytime vibe, try a blue or red polka dot skirt paired with a red crop top or white tee shirt and Converse, and tie it all together with the new Captain America leather textile jacket. Whatever your choice, this unique piece from Luca Designs will be an incomparable addition to your stunning wardrobe.

The All-New Captain America Textile Jacket Luca Design

Choose Your Own Ending with the Captain America Endgame Jacket by Luca Designs 

Stand up to Thanos and fight to right his wrongs with this Steve Rogers Captain America jacket. The world has changed, and none of us can go back. Keep moving forward in the Captain America Textile leather jacket from Luca Designs, available now in both male and female cuts in sizes XS-4XL, with affordable custom sizing available to ensure your perfect fit. 

Get your new favorite custom Captain America jacket now, and check out the rest of our pop culture and gaming inspired collection!  

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