January 1, 2020

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Review

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Featured Image

Rise of Skywalker Review

As a hardcore star wars fan that grew up watching the original Star Wars movie, I have some understanding of what should be and what should be entertainment.

It is good in the Rise of Skywalker. However, to satisfy the ending of the movie did not feel the excitement I thought I would feel.

This episode defiantly crams in way too much from the start. To a non-star wars fan, it might seem like a cool flick, to someone who has knowledge or wants to follow a good story, prepare to be disappointed,

Let’s start off by saying – the Mandalorian on Disney+ is geared to explain the healing ability of Emperor Palpatine. It’s why baby Yoda is ” highly valuable” to the empire. Or Baby Yoda teaches Rey how to heal? We don’t know yet.

So where am I going with this? Yes, Palpatine returns – wouldn’t he be busted up from the fall on the Death Star? Yes! But he is an extremely powerful Sith, with his own extreme abilities I feel the movies never described as much as the books did. So it’s believable but desperate writing. It doesn’t explain how Palpatine avoided death.

The movie starts by correcting unexplained events, Immediately, introducing new ideas to unanswered questions in a very rushed fashion. I was happy to have these explained but many seemed very unbelievable by any Star Wars standards.

Rey is OP, overpowered without any real explanation including her healing powers, and ability to “warp” a lightsaber to someone else, the explanation for her to be related to Palpatine, doesn’t mean she would be all powerful but I can believe it to some extent. Taking down a ship with the force…probably not. She might as well be able to fly across the sea to the broken Death Star.

Connection with each character, Poe, Finn, and the others was much better than in previous films but did not seem genuine, mostly forced. Seeing many different planets in a short movie quickly was interesting, fast paced, and intriguing but it was done to create what might seem like a longer adventure than what actually was 10 minutes of A going to B going to C to find D like a video game quest.

I must say, having a planet or hidden area where sith lives has always been a thing and we’re cool to be introduced into the movie. Showing more about the sith world which is what I and the fans would like to see. This also reminds me of some of the older RPG games where you can train on similar planets.

The movie’s visuals were stunning. What do I mean, well the landscapes were epic, showing a rocket trooper, shock troopers, the knights of Ren, and even the hidden world of the SIth’ called Exogal.

The Sith

We never really get a good look at the Sith subjects that follow Palpatine, but it’s confirmed they are in fact the Sith and he is their emperor. In any case they’re a lot different from the Sith species of the Legends canon who were red-skinned humanoids with tentacle-like appendages that look like facial hair.

The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise

When speaking to Kylo Ren, Palpatine mentions that “the Dark Side is a path to many abilities some consider unnatural” – a line pulled from the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis scene from Revenge of the Sith. Clearly, Palpatine wasn’t bullshitting, since he was able to come back from death.

Lightspeed Skipping

The Last Jedi showed us that the First Order could track ships through hyperspace, which was previously considered impossible, so the Resistance has had to find a way round it. One tactic is Lightspeed Skimming, which seems to involve multiple short jumps to try and knock off their trail – whether that means losing them or causing them to crash on the other end of the jump.

Oh, and regular TIE fighters have hyperdrives now? Now sure that has been shown on screen.

With The Rise Of Skywalker now out for release, The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy has come to an end.

Throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down everything that you need to know about the movie and giving our theories on some of the things it leaves unexplained.

Plot Breakdown

Ok so The Rise Of Skywalker basically revolves around several MacGuffins in order to drive the plot. It’s a Maguffin Russian Doll and the opening of the movie centers around Kylo Ren searching for a device known as The Wayfinder that will guide whoever has it to a Sith Palace on Exogol. Kylo finds it during the introductory scene for the film and travels to Exogol in a moment that was shown heavily in last week’s TV spot. How Palpatine Is Alive Now the film doesn’t ever explain how Palpatine survived the destruction of The Death Star, however, if you cast your mind back to Revenge Of The Sith you’ll remember that Palpatine in the film discussed with Anakin that there was a Jedi known as Darth Plagues the wise who had a special ability.

Have I ever told you the story of Darth Plagues the wise? Well, he could control midi-chlorins to create both lives and even avoid death and personally I think this is a method that Palpatine used for his resurrection. How Luke’s Lightsaber Was Fixed Another thing that they don’t really explain is how Luke’s lightsabre was fixed after it was torn in two in The Last Jedi. We do know from behind the scenes images that Rey used a binder to join the pieces and this can be seen at certain parts in the film such as when Leia hands it over.

The Return Of Han Solo It’s probably the best part of the film and I doubt anyone had any trouble with seeing Han return and change his son in the way that he so desperately wanted to in The Force Awakens.

This could have very easily been a turn like Daenerys in Season 8 of Game Of Thrones but thankfully, at least this moment is well-paced and has gravitas. The Rise Of Skywalker Ending Explained With the Final Order defeated, the Galaxy back in harmony, Rey journeys to Tattooine, most notably Luke’s home. Here she buries not only Luke’s lightsaber but Leia as well, perhaps being a visual representation of the past finally being buried which was a big plot motif of The Last Jedi. A passer-by says that no one has visited there for a long time and asks who she is…Rey pauses and looks out in the distance where Luke and Leia appear as force ghosts and she answers ‘Rey Skywalker’ finally accepting her identity and showing her allegiances and who her true family was. She also sparks up a yellow lightsaber, which is the first time that we’ve seen one in a Star Wars film