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December 3, 2020

My Chemical Romance Danger Days 10 Year Anniversary

My Chemical Romance Killjoys Featured Image


Since the radical and death defying adventures of the Killjoys released just over 10 years ago Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys has been a niche soundtrack to our lives.

The Message of the album released by band My Chemical Romance in December 2010, is quite simply put that “Killjoys never die!”

Killjoys My Chemical Romance Danger Days

Killjoys: Post Apocalyptic Adventures

In Danger Days we follow the Killjoys in post apocalyptic California, as they rebel against the evil corporation BLI or BLI/ND that has taken over the minds and lives of the citizens of Battery City. Know for their iconic rebellious bright coloured fun designed clothes, bright colours and individuality are part of how they combat the ideals of BLI/ND. 

The Killjoys: Jet Star (Ray Toro), Party Poison (Gerard Way), Fun Ghoul (Frank Iero), and of course our personal favourite – The Kobra Kid (Mikey Way), along with Doctor Death Defying fight to protect The Girl from the Draculoids.

My Chemical Romance Killjoys

Iconic Futuristic Fashion 

Their loud colours, carnival masks, iconic hairstyles, and ray guns are a rebellious battle cry against the uniformity of the capitalist society of Battery City. Though all of the Killjoys end up in situations that go “all Costa Rica” and ultimately end up dying, the key message of their album was to pass on the torch to their fans, to wake them up and encourage them to “Sing it for the world” with their Bullet Proof Hearts. To tell their fans that they may not be around forever, but they’re entrusting their fans with their mission to be carried on.

My Chemical Romance Killjoys Featured Image

March 22nd 2013: The Kids From Yesterday

This Album was the set up for the retirement of MCR only a few years later, on March 22nd of 2013, with the cryptic promise to return to California 2019 in their Music Video for their hit single simply titled “NaNaNa”, and also hinted at in their Killjoys comic book series which talks about the legend that the Original Killjoys may still be alive.

After MCR broke up in 2013, fans were hopeful for a return and many theories bounced around looking for cryptic messages left behind in their songs, music videos, and Gerard Way’s blog posts.

When hopes were almost dashed, My Chemical Romance returned on December 20th 2019 in you guessed it, California!

Gerard Way Party Poison Killjoys

Ten Years Later: Killjoys Never Die

With celebrating ten years since the release of the Danger Days album, We are now living in the years that MCR was talking about; and interestingly enough are in the midst of our own kind of “Danger Days” in 2020. 

With the ten year anniversary of the Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys having recently passed we’ve decided to celebrate by introducing our new womens version of our classic Kobra Kid design.

Danger Days Kobra Kid My Chemical Romance

Our Design and Inspiration

Now Available in both men’s and our new womens design! This features: 2 large inside pockets as well as two waist zip pockets. A heavy duty zipper, and is handmade to ensure only the highest quality!

With its innovative and breathable design, our Kobra Kid Jacket is the perfect jacket to wear as you wake up, stand up and never let them take you alive! We hope that our designs will continue to inspire you to do everything you do in your life loud and proud!

Mens My Chemical Romance Jacket

“Art is the weapon against life as a symptom.” – Gerard Way

We stand by this quote now more than ever as we watch the world consistently becoming more uniform and complacent in fashion and ideals. 

Inspired by this we created our Kobra Kid Jacket – Available in both Real Sheepskin Leather and our High Quality Non Peeling Vegan Leather. 


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