Jul 28 , 2019


Luca Designs Exclusive Interview

Fashion Meets Cosplay - Meet the Mind Behind Luca Designs

It's hard to believe that just a few short months ago we granted one of our first-ever personal interviews to the fun and family friendly site, Toon Style! Specializing in "fun character and franchise merch for all ages", talking with Diana at TS was a dream and a half. 

The Cutting Edge of Fashion

Riverdale Southside Serpents Leather Jackets for Men and Women

As an edgy fashion company, Luca Designs strives to make each handcrafted jacket unique to the person wearing it, no matter your age, body type, or preferred fandom. Each Comic Con and Comic Expo we attend brings people of all ages, many with kids who are just as excited about the jackets as their parents are. We're often asked if Luca Designs makes jackets for kids, and the answer is no, and yes. While we do not specifically, our smaller sizes make the perfect jacket for your little rebel, sleek and stylish with plenty of room to grow into.

Luca Designs New 2019 Collection

With something for everyone, check out the latest crop tops, the new Captain America, Red Hood and Green Arrow for women, Batgirl, and so much more.

Mercy Crop Top Jacket WomensBatgirl Leather Cosplay Jacket Babs DC

The Star Lord Leather Jacket: Icon of the Galaxy

Star Lord Leather Jacket for Men Guardians of the GalaxyStar Lord Womens Leather Jacket Guardians of the Galaxy Avengers Endgame

Look for the Luca Designs Badge for Authenticity on Each Leather Jacket

Check Out Luca Designs Spotlight Exhibitor Interview Here:

Check Out the Original Comic Con Interview Here:

Captain America Leather Textile Jacket for Women Buy Now

Click to Start Shopping the New Collection Now!

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