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July 30, 2019

How to Care for Your Vegan Leather Jacket

How to Care for Your Vegan Leather Jacket

How to Clean a Vegan Leather Jacket


A care guide from Luca Designs for vegan leather jackets

Hey, good for you! You just purchased a beautiful handcrafted vegan leather jacket from Luca Designs! You are going anywhere and everywhere in this great jacket! But maybe it’s your first vegan leather jacket, or maybe you’re just not sure where to turn to get the best advice on how to clean it. Fear not, Luca Designs has all the answers for you.

One of the benefits of vegan leather is that it is much easier to clean than real leather. Vegan leather is also called faux leather or synthetic leather, or even Nappa leather (an imitation of real Napa leather). Keep reading for how to clean your vegan faux leather jacket.

How to Care for Your Vegan Leather Jacket Luca Design

How to Clean a Faux Leather Jacket

If your jacket gets lightly dirty, you can wipe it gently off. Use a clean soft cloth. If your vegan leather jacket gets dirtier, use a damp clean soft cloth. You can use a little bit of gentle soap with the water. Be sure to remove all traces of soap with water. Cotton is best, but an absorbent cloth will work. When your vegan leather jacket gets wet, wipe it off with a clean soft dry cloth. Be sure to hang it out of sunlight and away from heat. Hanging your jacket on a padded hanger will help it last longer, too.   

Luca Designs vegan leather jackets are carefully treated with a proprietary finish to extend their life. Try to keep from scraping the vegan leather. Unless you get a leather and vinyl repair kit, or perhaps find a business that can fix it, the scrape will be permanent. Also, the repair kits will not match your handcrafted vegan leather, and the colors are unlikely to match.

If salts get on your jacket from riding a motorcycle or getting splashed with salty runoff by a car in winter, use a clean damp (not wet) cloth, preferably cotton. Gently wipe the jacket down, turning the cloth to clean areas, until you are satisfied you have removed all the salts. Dry off with another clean cloth. Then hang to dry out of the heat and strong light.

Please do not try to wash your vegan leather jacket. It is not designed to go through the washing machine. Likewise, do not dry in the dryer. The dryer can ruin the proprietary finish and cause cracking on the exterior.

How to Care for Your Vegan Jacket Luca Design

How to Fix a Stuck Jacket Zipper

Be careful with your zipper. Yanking, tugging, or using a lot of force will break, bend, and damage the zipper. Zippers can be badly abused. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

If the zipper is stuck, try rubbing bar soap on the metal teeth to ease movement as you gently move the zipper up or down. Do not use liquid soap or gel soap, only non-detergent bar soap. Keep the soap off the leather, as it may darken it or possibly change the color in some way. Brush off excess soap. Rub the soap on the closed zipper teeth. Try it on one side, then run the zipper up and down. If your zipper still is not working smoothly, carefully rub the bar soap on the other side, then run it up and down again. You can also try using a drop of olive oil or coconut oil, however be careful not to get any oil on the leather jacket itself to avoid any damage.

Take good care of your special handcrafted leather jacket and you will be able to wear it for years, anywhere and everywhere. Show off your style!

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