Best Star Lord Jacket with Pockets for Awesome Mix Tape No. 1

Best Star Lord Jacket with Pockets for Awesome Mix Tape No. 1

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Listen up, Star Lords!

You know that certain “devil-may-care with a heart of gold” thing that Chris Pratt’s got going on? I know I do…Chris Pratt’s undeniably goofy, yet suave character, Peter Quill, stole the hearts of men and women alike in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 2014, which was based on the 2008 comic book. Followed by a sequel in 2017, and eagerly awaiting the next piece of the cinematic series, we wanted to create a jacket that didn’t just imitate his on-camera look, but gave the wearer an invitation to be the guardian of their own galaxy.




Who wouldn’t feel like an intergalactic ravager in our brazen maroon masterpiece? In addition to our masculine design, we are one of the very few companies to produce a version of the Guardians Of the Galaxy Star Lord leather jacket more tailored to feminine silhouettes, and it is easily understood that our Star Lord jacket is the most authentically designed of the choices.




This badass design is offered in both high-quality genuine and faux leather. Handcrafted with our luxurious materials, you will feel right at home in the best Star Lord jacket on the market, no matter your identification. Infused with adventure, our Star Lord leather ravager jacket is exactly what you need to create your own Guardians of the Galaxy Outfit. Express yourself by adding your own handmade details for a cosplay no one can replicate.




Perfect for costume, cosplay, and everyday wear, you won’t want to take off our beautiful Star Lord leather jacket. Lined with smooth and comfortable viscose, the Star Lord jacket by Luca Designs zips up easily with a YKK zipper. Whether you know all about Guardians of the Galaxy, or you simply fall in love with the galactic attitude our leather jacket supplies, Luca Designs is your destination for one of a kind creations. Literally! Not only can you choose between soft faux or stunning sheepskin leather, you can also request CUSTOM SIZING!



We would be thrilled to make you look as good as you feel, because kicking ass and taking names can only be done in a jacket that fits you right. Visit to buy the best Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy Leather Jacket, and discover more of our exciting designs!