Awesome Things You Didn't Know About Batgirl

Awesome Things You Didn't Know About Batgirl

Contrary to some misplaced notion about Batgirl not being a superhero in her own regard, you would recall her first act was to save Batman’s life. Purpose can be discovered at any time and this spells out how she got hers. This classic third world super hero is an embodiment of brains and beauty and let’s not forget that she is a badass crime fighter who after getting paralyzed in the killing joke comic, continued her fight against crime on a wheelchair.  Although fans are divided as to which character they preferred between the oracle who fought crime on a wheelchair and the Batgirl who’s doing backflips off a building, she is a sensation to watch. Let’s look at some awesome things most people do not know about Batgirl. 
Barbara Gordon Batgirl Character Design and Costume DetailsFemale model wearing Napa Leather Batgirl Jacket

Half a dozen 

There has been over 6 different women who played the role of Batgirl with the most recent being Barbara Gordon. Usually the identities of superheroes change periodically and Batgirl is no exception. Betty Kane was the original Batgirl which has changed over the years to include 6 others and so has the iconic Batgirl costume.
Female model wearing Napa Leather Batgirl Jacket

Saving Batman

Although her transition to being a superhero wasn’t her original intention, as she designed an equivalent of Batman's costume for a party, she did save Batman’s life when he was to be kidnapped by the killer moth. Using her skills as a daughter to a police officer she won the hearts of many. Saving his life kind of opened her eyes to the possibility of doing a lot more and this kind of stuck as she hasn’t retired from saving the lives of others. 
Comic Strip of Barbara Gordon in the Batgirl comic book

Work, work, work

Every superhero needs an alias and Batgirl is no exception. She spent her civilian days working in a library and telling people to be quiet. This is definitely one of the best alter egos because who would imagine that the boring librarian has some martial art skills, can backflip off a building at night and dresses strikingly with a signature leather jacket. It brought out character and frankly speaking, her character is interesting both as a librarian and as Batgirl. 
Female model wearing Napa Leather Batgirl Jacket


You wouldn’t classify Batgirl as one of those conventional fairytale figures who’d end up with a whirlwind romance but she has had quite a few. Frankly speaking, it would be difficult for anyone to stay away when she’s dressed like that. Pairing up with Superman was one of them which was really interesting as they were a dynamic pair loved by fans. She also had a thing with Nightwing and as a duo, they did give better meaning to the superhero narrative. 
Female model wearing Napa Leather Batgirl Jacket

Dressed to kill

Do you notice how Batgirl is always dressed to the teeth with her classic leather outfit and that cape? Oh come on, some villains can be subdued by just her looks. Women definitely experience this on a regular basis and there’s a reason why Batgirl has to look that hot while chasing down the bad guys. She definitely knows what a good outfit does. 
Comic Strip of Barbara Gordon in the Batgirl comic book

The superhero in you

There’s a reason why superheroes are depicted as having supernatural powers compared to the ordinary man. They represent an alternate reality that postulates the hunger to fight for what is right. Female superheroes like the Gothic Batgirl figure here represent a feline and subtle figure with a firm resolve to fight the bad guys. Kind of sexy and totally relatable. You could say there’s a superhero embedded deep within us and it is our duty to seek her out and you could start by dressing the part. Batgirl dresses for convenience, comfort and of course to kill. Her leather costume speaks of class and an effort to look and feel elegant. Her jacket speaks of an attitude and style. Want one of those? You’re in the right place.
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