August 16, 2019

A Close Call! An Incredible Ride story by Kirk Sanders

A Close Call! An Incredible Ride story by Kirk Sanders Luca Design

How did a Superhero save this riders skin?

You know your leather jacket from Luca Designs is comfortable and fashionable, but did you know it can also save your butt? One of our lucky and very satisfied customers got to experience this first-hand in our very own goatskin Nightwing jacket! “Whatever it takes to make people wear more safety gear…and make them buy it from you! 

Story time:

I live in Madison Wisconsin, generally referred to as “Mad-town” by residents, not because everyone is mad or angry but because driving here is like driving in a MadHouse! Yesterday, Friday 15th of June I was riding my 2017 Rebel 300cc motorcycle, I just broke 7000miles, towards Middleton a suburb of Madison. The road to Middleton is a four lane road divided by a median with a really fun hill and a decent little city curve. I was having a wonderful time riding through the morning and into the afternoon. I was riding along with a truck to my right in the other lane gently gaining a couple of miles to get away from his blind spot. Down the road less than a quarter mile a vehicle appeared to want to join and merge into traffic, however the driver decided to cross two lanes of traffic to transition to the opposite direction of travel. She definitely saw the truck to my right because she sped across the two lanes to get her vehicle out of the way of the truck. However she did not see me on my motorcycle. She left half of her vehicle in my lane of travel, seconds to decide the only option available to me was to slide my motorcycle. I dipped the bike and tried to slide with my ride only accomplishing about 20 feet, my toe caught the ground, forcing me to tip the bike to the right and wound up on my feet traveling around 35mph. An onlooker described my body as “a gazelle bounding across the Serengeti”. My hand hit first, followed by my head, and then the rest of my body into her car. My body and my bike traveled 90feet from initial slide to my body giving her car a big hug. 

Had I not been wearing my helmet I would have died.

Had I not been wearing Luca’s jacket I would have road rash covering my torso from top to bottom.

Luckily I survived with two scrapes, one on my very lower back and only one layer of skin from my left elbow. Luca’s goat skin blue wing jacket saved me from months of extensive skin grafts and recovery time. I trust Luca’s jackets to protect my torso and arms and I always will after yesterday. Luca’s jacket is almost still at 100% there are some scuffs and a couple small tears but overall still structurally sound. If you ride, you should ride with Luca.”

What a story! 

You don’t need us to tell you how quality our goatskin leather jackets are when there’s testimonies like that!

Do you have a story like this? Let us know!

A Close Call! An Incredible Ride story by Kirk Sanders

Get Fully Protected

While the our high quality leather can definitely save some skin they are not considered motorcycle safe, but they can be!Saving that sleek look of your favourite jackets we have the option of adding motorcycle safe padding to keep you riding in not only in style but safe and sound.Choose from any of our classic nerdy leather jackets and talk to us about getting yours customized to keep you safe in case you have any villains to chase down. Whether its everyones favourite Batman Beyond, Redhood or Guardians of the Galaxy, we want to make sure you can rep your favourite comic book hero while knowing that hero has your back.