• Riverdale Southside Serpents Leather Jacket

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    Riverdale Southside Serpents Leather Jacket

    “Serpents take care of their own.”

    Feel like part of the rebel Riverdale gang in this handcrafted Southside Serpents biker jacket. Inspired by the one worn by F.P. and Jughead Jones in the hit CW series Riverdale, this jacket is screen accurate from the stylish front to the embroidered Southside Serpents emblem on the back.

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    Get Young Town Style with this Riverdale Southside Serpents Jacket

    The Southside Serpents date back to the founding of Riverdale in the 1940’s.The local Uktena tribe was decimated after a vicious raid led by Riverdale’s own General Pickens. The tribe’s traditions and laws were carried forward into the modern Riverdale by the few survivors of the Uktena, led by Thomas Topaz. (Sound familiar? Toni Topaz has been a recurring character since Season 2 of the fan favorite show.) Thomas created the Southside Serpents as a way to keep the remaining family members together and adopted the horned serpent as a tribute to their ancestral tribe. It’s widely speculated that the ancient massacre is why the Serpents still despise the citizens of Riverdale.

    In modern Riverdale, the Serpents still act as a family though there’s very few blood ties left between the members. The gang has devolved from a protective family unit into a motley crew of drug dealers, criminals, and petty thieves.

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    The Perfect Look for Motorcycle Riders - The Riverdale Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    Jughead’s dad, F.P. Jones, became the leader of the Serpents after his criminal past forced him out of work at Andrew’s Construction Company. When F.P. was framed and wrongfully jailed for Jason Blossom’s murder, the Serpents made his reluctant son, Jughead, part of their infamous gang, gifting him with their iconic Riverdale Southside Serpents jacket. The Riverdale leather jacket fits him like a second skin, and the rough-and-tumble Serpents step in to look after Jughead. As the first law of the Southside Serpents states, “Serpents take care of their own.”

    Prominent Riverdale Snake Logo - Southside Serpents Patch

    This black leather motorcycle jacket embodies the badassery and don’t-mess-with-me vibe of the Southside Serpents. Cole Sprouse’s leather jacket became instantly iconic, and the season 3 premiere saw yet another Riverdale hottie become an honorary member of the Southside Serpents. (No spoilers as to who it was.)

    The classic, tough biker look is immortalized with the addition of the double serpent emblem embroidered on the back. Whether you’re a fan of Jughead, F.P. Jones, or the entire Archie gang, this jacket will be the ultimate way to add your fandom to your striking street style.

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    Betty Approves

    Luca Designs has carefully crafted this jacket for both men and women, featuring two interior pockets, three exterior zippered pockets, and the classic asymmetrical zippered front with a lapel style collar. The zippered cuffs, leather belt, and embroidered Southside Serpents logo on the back complete this Jughead Jones leather biker jacket.

    Our Southside Serpents biker jacket is made with a comfortable viscose inner lining, and is available in either tough real leather or soft vegan leather, with a subtle hand weathered serpent-green sheen on the exterior leather. Carefully handcrafted with a fine attention to detail, this F. P. Jones motorcycle jacket is the essential completing piece for your Riverdale cosplay or Halloween costume.

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    Dress Like Jughead Jones - The Riverdale Southside Serpents Jacket

    Luca Designs handcrafts each Southside Serpents motorcycle jacket for men and women, so each jacket is unique, just like each member of the Southside Serpents gang. The sizes range from X-Small to 4XL with affordable custom sizing available so you can get the perfect fit you’ve been looking for.

    Luca Designs creates their character jackets to be instantly recognizable while being readily wearable anywhere and everywhere as part of your daily outfits. Wear this Riverdale leather motorcycle jacket for comic conventions as part of your original Jughead Jones or F.P. Jones cosplay, as the final touch on your Halloween costume, or as part of your everyday killer street style.

    The Riverdale leather biker jacket is a must have for fans of the hit CW show or the Archie comics series. Perfect for costume, cosplay, and everyday wear. Luca Designs' high-quality leather jackets ensure they will be able to be a part of your lasting wardrobe.

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    Get your new favorite custom Southside Serpents leather jacket now, and check out the rest of our pop culture and gaming inspired collection!

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  • Jason Todd Red Hood Leather Jacket for Arkham Knight Video Game Lovers

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    The Ultimate Gaming Costume for Batman Fans

    Batman Arkham Knight Video Game Buy Red Hood Jacket

    The Arkham Knight hails from the Batman video game of the same name. He harbors a deep-seated grudge against Batman (who doesn’t), and by the end of game we find out the Arkham Knight is in fact the Jason Todd, wearing his Red Hood leather jacket costume.
    Gasp! The former Robin? But I thought he was killed by the Joker!
    If you’re following the video game and not the comic books, instead of killing Jason Todd, the Joker held him in the Arkham Asylum for over a year. Through bouts of repeated horrifying torture only the Joker could dream up, Jason Todd’s sanity finally broke, his hatred of Batman being the only thing left he cared about. Jason went on to develop a high-tech militaristic battle suit and weapons to seek vengeance on his former mentor, and taking the name “Arkham Knight”, set out to complete his vendetta against the Batman.

    Buy Mens Jason Todd Red Hood Leather Jacket by Luca Designs

    So you’re not the hero type. We get it. Our Jason Todd Red Hood jacket gets it too. Handcrafted with durable and high quality leather (available soon in faux leather if that’s what you’re into) this Red Hood leather jacket can stand up to all your crime fighting activities.

    Buy Mens Jason Todd Red Hood Leather Jacket by Luca Designs

    Now that you’ve had a refresher, you can see why this Batman Arkham Knight leather jacket is so badass. Modeled after the iconic Red Hood from the Arkham Knight video game, every detail has been meticulously crafted to ensure you look and feel as close to the real deal as humanly possible. 

    The jacket has the iconic red bat symbol on the back, two zippered pockets, and the red hood itself (sorry, mask not included) is also made of our high-quality sheepskin (or faux) leather. The exterior is hand weathered to make it look like you’ve been out fighting crime all night. And winning.

    Buy Mens Jason Todd Red Hood Leather Jacket By Luca Designs

    Our Red Hood Arkham Knight jacket is lined with soft and comfortable viscose with two inner pockets and a hand weathered exterior. The jacket features a buckle at the neck, a classic front zipper closure, and tie cord adjustable hood. I mean, look at this thing! It oozes badassery. Come to think of it, I should go pull mine out of the closet for my mission...I mean, friendly neighborhood meet-up tonight. 

    Our Batman Arkham Knight jacket ranges in size from extra small to 4XL, with custom sizing available for those who want the perfect fit. And don’t worry, you won’t have to break into a bank to afford this. Custom sizing is actually affordable, and the Batman Arkham Knight leather jacket itself is currently on sale online. 

    Buy Mens Jason Todd Red Hood Leather Jacket By Luca Designs

    Luca Designs creates handcrafted, high-quality, customizable leather jackets that are durable and comfortable enough to stand up to your everyday battle scars. Wear it as part of your Batman Arkham Knight costume or Red Hood cosplay. This Arkham Red Hood jacket is a worthy addition to your costume closet or your next gaming night. And I hear there’s a Red Hood movie in the works and you know those theaters are always cold...just sayin’.


    And lucky you, you don’t have to wait for the next comic convention to come your way, you can set this Arkham Knight leather jacket in your sights right now.


    Luca Designs creates affordable, handcrafted, custom sized gaming and fashion jackets. These comfortable and detailed leather jackets will be equally at home as part of a costume or your everyday wear. Order your new favorite Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood jacket from Luca Designs today and explore the rest of our gaming inspired arsenal. 

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  • Dragon Ball Z Trunks Leather Jacket

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    The Best Leather Jacket for DBZ Fans!

    Saturday morning cartoons were easily one of the best parts of growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Embrace your nostalgia with our modern jacket inspired by your favorite time-traveling Super Saiyan. 



    Feel like Future Trunks by Wearing Your Own Custom Dragon Ball Z Leather Jacket!

    As every super-fan knows, Dragon Ball Z picks up five years after the completion of the original Dragon Ball series. Trunks first appears as a time traveler bearing news of an imminent danger that threatens the lives of the heroes.



    Future Trunks’ story is arguably one of the darkest in the Dragon Ball Z series. 

    Trunks is the last of the Super Saiyans in his timeline, as well as being the last defense against the android oppression. His pain and empathy makes him relatable while his skill and attitude brings out the Saiyan we always cheer for. Let’s be honest, he’s always had a piece of your heart. Mine too!

    And with Halloween coming up, you want to make a cosplay to rep him in the real world. But finding the perfect final touch can be difficult. Most of his outfit is so simple, but you’re getting hung up on finding a jacket that is screen accurate, comfortable, and affordable.

    That’s where Luca Designs comes in.

    We worked tirelessly to perfectly capture the iconic purple/blue color for this Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks Leather Jacket. Every detail has been carefully handcrafted from each seam of the inspired design down to the Capsule Corp logo on the sleeve to keep your new jacket as accurate as possible to both the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super series. Feel like the badass future version of yourself coming to save the day every time you pull this DBZ leather jacket on!

    Choose the full-length Trunks Leather Jacket or the more screen accurate three-quarter short cut version.  

    Our Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks Jacket is made with comfortable viscose inner lining, and is available with either real sheepskin leather or soft faux leather.

    Luca Designs handcrafted this Future Trunks Leather Jacket for both a masculine and feminine silhouette, featuring inner and outer pockets with a zip-up center. Our sizes range from X-Small to 4XL with custom sizing so you can get the perfect fit you’ve been looking for. 


    Wear this Dragon Ball Z Trunks Leather Jacket for comic conventions as part of your original cosplay, as the final touch on your Halloween costume, or as part of your everyday Saiyan style!

    The cool design of this DBZ Trunks jacket is a must have for fans of the manga and anime series. Perfect for costume, cosplay, or going Super Saiyan.

    Luca Designs high-quality leather jackets ensure they will be able to be a part of your lasting wardrobe.


    Get the best online shopping experience at and order your new favorite custom made Trunks jacket at an affordable price!


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  • Feel Like Daddy’s Lil Monster in this Harley Quinn Jacket

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    So What If I'm Crazy? All The Best People Are.

    by Patience Elett





    Harley Quinn, also known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, has a penchant for the fine things in life. Things such as diamonds, precious gems, silks, satins, and sweet, sweet revenge.


    Want to feel like Daddy’s Lil Monster?


    Slip on the Red and Blue Harley Quinn Leather Jacket by Luca Designs, and you’ll think you’re in the Waldorf executive suite. Except you broke into your room and stole every bottle from the mini bar. Let our gorgeous two-tone satin Suicide Squad jacket be the key to unlocking your alter-ego’s antihero.

    Our sleek design is created with your comfort in mind, so your outerwear will feel as natural as a baseball bat in your hand.




    Ladies and gents, if you don’t know this ball of crazy, badass lady I’m talking about, here’s a little background. 

    Harley Quinn is a fictional character from the DC comics universe whose first appearance was in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. Harley Quinn’s name is inspired by a comic servant character named “Harlequin” found in the Italian art form of commedia delle’arte. Although Harley Quinn is often seen with the Joker, she also has two female partners in crime.

    Her trio with Catwoman and Poison Ivy is known as The Gotham City Sirens, and side note, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have not only been allies, but lovers as well.




    DC comics coming in clutch with the acceptance!

    Now, I could go on about why that is so fantastic for days, but let’s discuss how the Joker fits into Quinn’s realm.

    Similar to the story told in the recent Suicide Squad film, Dr. Harleen Quinzel met the Joker while working as a psychiatrist at Gotham City’s Arkham Asylum, where he was a patient. She became intrigued with him and volunteered to treat him. They fell in love, and she helped him escape the asylum multiple times. She goes on to become his partner in crime, although in some versions of their relationship, things seem a little…unhealthy.

    Hence the multiple references to ownership simply in Harley’s outfits, such as the collar Margot Robbie wears in Suicide Squad, and her red and blue “Property of Joker” jacket.




    Poison Ivy might be less poisonous if you know what I’m talking about. But hey, I don’t write the comics.




    DC’s Harley Quinn character has swiftly risen in popularity, which is hard to ignore especially if you’ve been to any costume or cosplay event in the past few years. Seriously, Halloween is just a sea of blonde pigtails dipped in red and blue.

    Now, some people will accept the mediocrity of costume chain offerings because of the lower price tag. I get it, and I’ve done it!


    But what if you could find a quality Harley Quinn piece inspired by Margot Robbie’s satin jacket in Suicide Squad that looks good enough to earn a year-round spot in your wardrobe?




    A Suicide Squad jacket that comes in EVERY SIZE IMAGINABLE?!

    Now, you don’t have to wonder about the possibility, because Luca Designs has created a striking red and blue Harley Quinn jacket with details including “Property of Joker” in beautiful gold letters across the back.




    All jackets by Luca Designs come in sizes XS to 3XL…and here’s the best part…are you ready?

    No matter what size or shape you are, Luca Designs will CUSTOM MAKE the jacket of your choice so you can wear the jacket of your dreams.


    Dreams shouldn’t fit in a box, and neither should you.


    Call it your red and blue Harley Quinn jacket, Suicide Squad jacket, property of Joker jacket, mix it all up and call it your Suicide Squad Harley Quinn satin jacket, call it whatever you like! This is fantasy after all!

    We believe that quality should never be sacrificed when it comes to your fantasy, so Luca Designs is committed to wonderful craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and custom sizing all sewn into an array of stunningly hand-tailored jackets including our Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Satin Jacket.

    For those of you who also enjoy the classic Harley Quinn look, in addition to our Women’s Margot Robbie Satin jacket, we have a new red and black Harley Quinn jacket coming out soon, so be on the lookout at!




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  • Blue Edition Soldier 76 Leather Jacket for Overwatch Fans

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    “Bring the noise! Bring the ruckus!”

    Playing as Soldier 76 is all you can think about as you’re heading for your weekly game night. But what are you going to wear over your comfortable jeans and trusty gamer t-shirt? Searching your closet in desperation, your hand lands on the leather jacket you just bought. As you pull  it out of your closet your face lights up. It’s your most favorite gaming character Soldier 76 Leather Jacket in Blue Edition made by Luca Designs for you take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

    The blue leather smells like victory.



    Finding a badass jacket inspired by one of your gaming heroes was a dream come true; Overwatch is one of your all time favorite video games. And how could it not be?




    Overwatch has quickly become one of the most popular video games of all time since its release into the gaming world in 2016. Amassing over 40 million players in the last two years alone, the fan favorite has inspired hundreds of gorgeous original cosplays, tons of fan art, and of course, loyal gamers. From the diverse heroes and the changeable fashions to the addictive gameplay and the fun cartoon-y look, the team-based video game has become an instant classic.

    In this uncertain future: “We’re all soldiers now.”





    Set sixty years into an alternate future, Overwatch is a team-based first person “shooter” game that allows each player to choose from a roster of over twenty diverse hero characters. 

    In the game, the Overwatch international task force was created as a reaction to the Omnic Crisis. Two veteran soldiers were put in charge of combating the threat posed by artificially intelligent Omiums.

    Those two soldiers were Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison (a.k.a. Soldier 76).




    After the downfall of the task force and the supposed deaths of Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, corporations have started to take over and there are signs of a second Omnic Crisis imminent in Russia. Amid rampant fighting and terrorism across the globe, former members of the task force come together to combat the impending crisis. 


    They reunite with Jack Morrison, now a masked vigilante known only as “Soldier 76”.




    The Soldier 76 jacket is available with either real sheepskin leather or beautiful faux leather and lined with a soft and comfortable viscose inner. The jacket features two inside pockets with a classic front zipper closure.


    It also comes with a removable black shoulder strap carrying two additional exterior pockets!




    Luca Designs strives to be as inclusive as the Overwatch heroes are. The blue Soldier 76 jacket is offered in two fitted styles suiting both feminine and masculine silhouettes. The jackets range in size from extra small to 4XL.


    Custom sizing available for those who want the perfect fit.



    Be your own army of one when you wear this striking jacket as part of your original cosplay, or as the final touch on your casual Overwatch inspired Soldier 76 outfit. Whether you’re dressing for a costume party or as part of your everyday fandom, you’re guaranteed to stand out in this blue Jack Morrison leather jacket! 


    This Soldier 76 costume jacket is a must have for any fan of the unstoppable super soldier!


    Luca Designs creates high-quality, customizable leather jackets durable and comfortable enough to stand up to your everyday battle scars. This Soldier 76 leather jacket is a worthy addition to your costume closet or your next game night.


    Wear Anywhere and Everywhere




    And lucky you, you don’t have to wait for the next comic convention to come your way, you can set this jacket in your sights right now.


    Check out our website at to order your new favorite Soldier 76 blue leather jacket!


    “Old soldiers never die…and they don’t fade away…”


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