If you are new to sizing, an easy trick is going ONE SIZE UP from your fitted shirt size. This works for about 90 percent of our customers in North America, but we still recommend checking the size chart on this page. Euro or fitted lovers may want true to size for the fitted look.


Standard Jacket Size Notes

  • Our jackets are fitted and run about a size smaller than traditional American brands.
  • From our customers’ experiences, if you are a “Medium” at your local shop, you may be a “Large” in Luca Designs. It is similar to a European fitting.
  • Check the size chart below to determine your standard fit in detail and ensure that this works for you.
  • Consider how you wear your jacket, If you layer clothing underneath or like the bulky fit, sizing up may be a good idea.
  • Customers may experience a 0.5 to 1 inch tolerance in sizes compared to the size chart. It’s mainly due to how customers measure jackets and material stretchiness.

Real Leather Stretches

  • If you feel the jacket will be a just little tight, that can be good! Real leather will relax up to a couple inches around the body with two weeks of regular wear.
  • Over time it will mold to you, giving you a new second skin.

Custom Sizing Options

  • Custom sizing options are available for those who do not fit standard jackets. Recommended for those who are larger than standard sizes or if you have longer arms, or need more chest room, more shoulder room, etc. Select the custom sizing option on any product page. See Custom Instructions at the bottom of the page. 


Custom Tailored Jacket Submission :

If you require a custom fit, please follow the instructions below:

Please submit photos in the style shown below. 

Female leather jacket custom sizing chart

Female Measurement chart for leather jacket custom sizing

Shirts/Leggings/Bathing Suits:

All fit true to size. A typical American Medium will be a Medium.

Luca Designs Size Chart Guide bathing Suit


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.