Mens Black Red Hood Leather Jacket Limited Edition

USD 279.99
Red Hood is back with the Limited Blackout Edition. Rise from the shadow to fight crime in this Red Hood inspired pure black leather jacket. This jacket revisits our iconic Red Hood style, diving deeper than ever into the darkness of Gotham City.
 Real Leather

The New Limited Edition Blackout Arkham Knight, rises from the shadow to fight crime in this Red Hood inspired pure black leather jacket. This jacket revisits our iconic Red Hood style, diving deeper into the darkness of Gotham City with a red outlined bat logo on the back and the layered look you loved on the classic version. Fans of Jason Todd & Red Hood, the night is calling you.

Handcrafted from luxurious and durable high quality sheepskin leather with a multi-layered tie cord adjustable hoodie, this alternative Red Hood jacket has the seal of approval from the new Jason Todd himself. Inspired by Red Hood's jacket from the Arkham Knight video game, this pure black and red outlined leather jacket has style and edge to up the ante of your everyday street style.

Limited Edition Blackout Collection
    • Handcrafted
    • Limited Edition
    • Euro-Size
    • Real Sheepskin Leather
    • Pure Black with Red Trim
    • Black Leather Adjustable Hood
    • Two Exterior Pockets
    • Soft Viscose Lining
    • Belted Wrists
    • Belted Neck
    • Red Hood Bat Logo on Back
    The high quality raw materials and the craftsmanship in creating unique hand made products is our guarantee for the all Luca Designs' products in the official online store. Each jacket is deemed a collectable and may have unique coloring and weathering effects, making the wearer unique.

    A Luca Designs  Badge of Wings is applied to all Authentic Luca Designs merchandise. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Shoshana Bick
    Even better than the women's Red Hood jacket

    I got a a standard size men's cut for a hanukah gift: the hood and sleeves are a little oversized, but it was worth it: I love jacket's cut for men, and sleeves being too long means I can hide my hands in them and keep them warm - something my mom immediately recognized as an old habit of mine. The hood being oversized is actually perfect because I'm an introvert, so when I'm walking, the hood is a barrier between me and intrusions. Basically all the 'ill fitting' aspects are more perfect than I could have expected.

    I was showing this off to a friend over zoom and she noticed that it gave way more and was shinier than the other jacket I have. I looked and it's sheepskin and is in fact softer and more pliable than the goatskin on the other jacket, which I've broken in so it's not as stiff when I first got it. Also, my experience has been the goatskin breathes a little more, so it's less warm, but that means I can wear this jacket on colder days and the other jacket on colder days.

    I love both leather textures/softness. Both jackets are perfect, although one has a more fit cut: I'd definitely suggest a fit size/customized size for people who want that, I'm really into this though. So much so I want a Robin jacket in the same size - my first choice at first before I realized I loved this limited edition jacket and wanted to snag it before it potentially sold out.

    I should also mention, the sleeves are about six inches wider than my arms; they look a little baggy - which is something I had calculated and wanted. My mom and sister and I all knit sweaters and I want to wear them underneath this jacket eventually (when it gets colder.) My calculations and the sizing were perfect: this should give me enough room with possibly a little extra space for the sweaters with less bulk. (I like having extra space in the arms, so although the other jacket was fit perfectly, and doesn't bother me, I really, really enjoy the extra space in the arms for personal comfort!)

    Basically, I'm a weirdo who's looking for unusual things, and somehow this managed to be perfect. Men's clothing has always been a comfort of mine, due to them printing/making the fandom stuff I liked since I was a child. Either getting the perfect fit /or/ chancing a men's size has been absolutely perfect for me: I now have a woman's cut when I want it, and a men's cut on the days I prefer that. I have two different looks and types of leathers to fit the days, too. Even when it was a weird request/order, this jacket nailed it, without meaning to.

    I highly recommend both jackets, and I have to say: Luca recommended a customized size on this and didn't bat an eye when I ordered from the chosen size, he's been great. (I contacted him to make sure the arms would be wide enough for me, although I didn't mention the desire for the sweaters underneath. Just gotta knit myself a Red Hood one now to match this!)

    Luca and his team have been spectacular, the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship are superb, and Luca has been very open to questions - like the men's sleeve sizes. Couldn't suggest these jackets more.

    I hope to get the men's cut Arkham Knight/Red Hood jacket, too so I have the option of a larger size in that design, as well as the Robin jacket in a men's size, although unfortunately it night be a while. Thanks again, brilliant work, I've gotten multiple comments about my women's jacket now and I suspect I will when I wear this one as well. (Although I've only been out in the wild a couple times with this jacket.)

    I'm terrible at taking selfies, but these are my two jackets, you can see the size differences, like I said, I enjoy having the option of one or the other, I'm currently favoring the newer jacket, this one.

    Don’t hesitate!

    I have bought about 6 jackets from Luca now and each has been not only the best fitting, but the best quality jackets I have ever freaking worn in my life. I’ve had a number of people come up and talk to me and strike up conversations since I started wearing these which has been really fun and unexpected!

    Now I got my eye set on that N7 and Borderlands jacket…..

    Nicolas Noisette
    The Best thing I've ever bought!

    I love The simplicity of the jacket and Red Hood. It's great as a cosplay and as an everyday wear out. The sizing was spot on and when needing help, Luca was able to deliver! I've gotten compliments and folks even thought I was a biker.

    Great Jacket

    I wasn’t sure how this jacket would look but when I got it I loved it. I measured myself acceding to the website and it fits perfectly! The quality is very good too. Very happy with my purchase!

    Riley Hodgson

    Mens Black Red Hood Leather Jacket Limited Edition

    Each jacket is an original and unique work of art

    Luca Designs jackets are made from the highest quality real and vegan leathers for the ultimate choice in personal expression. It may vary from the one pictured. We try to minimize the variants

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