Mens Soldier 76 Jet Black Leather Jacket

USD 269.99
Gear up with this jet black leather jacket inspired by the famous Soldier 76 character. Handcrafted in real sheepskin black leather or vegan black leather to make you feel like the most fashionable member of your Team.⚠️ FITS SMALL
 Vegan Leather
 Real Leather


Gear up with this jet black leather jacket inspired by the famous soldier 76 character. Handcrafted in real sheepskin black leather or vegan black leather to make you feel like the most fashionable member of your Team.

The gaming jacket takes inspiration from the Hero known as Soldier 76, made from our high quality sheepskin or vegan leather with a comfortable viscose lining. This black Soldier 76 jacket has a stand-up biker collar, removable shoulder straps, and the iconic 76 logo across the back. Join the American League by wearing this jet black Soldier 76 jacket or tossing it on over your everyday clothes for the ultimate gaming style.

  • Handcrafted
  • Euro-Size ⚠️ FITS SMALL
  • Real Sheepskin Leather or 100% Vegan Leather
  • Jet Black Exterior
  • 76 Logo on Back
  • Biker Collar
  • Snap Cuffs
  • Two Inner Pockets
  • Viscose Lining
  • Removable Shoulder Strap with Pockets
  • YKK Front Zip Closure


The high quality raw materials and the craftsmanship in creating unique hand made products is our guarantee for the all Luca Designs' products in the official online store. Each jacket is deemed a collectable and may have unique coloring and weathering effects, making the wearer unique.

A Luca Designs  Badge of Wings is applied to all Authentic Luca Designs merchandise. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jacob Maldonado
Get the right size

The rush order did come in time like about 2 weeks I believe which is good bc the pandemic and stuff. Real leather feels and smells good BUT MAKE SURE U GET THE RIGHT SIZE. I'm 5'8 and about to be over 200 pounds. I got the pandemic belly and I got XL thinking it fit. And oh boi was it tight lol...but still hella good so imma give this one to my gf and buy a 3XL on purpose and give my up date rating soon. For now it's most definitely 10/10

Vanessa W
Just stunning

Arrival was very quick, much to my surprise, and the jacket itself is beautiful. Well fabricated, no loose threats whatsoever, looking just like in the pictures and fitting me perfectly. And since I'm a bit of a hamster, I was very delighted to find the two inside pockets, one can even be zipped up. Great work all over

Micky Hrybyk
u ever hold a jacket so beautiful u cry

this jacket fuckin slaps, comfy and good and great for big gay me. im 5'11/200 pounds i got XL and it fits exact to the size chart for anyone wondering. now dump some monies on this site and enjoy a sick ass jacket bro

Jessie H
Best Solider 76 leather jacket available to gamers, and all sized people I have found

Incredible product, even better customer service and yet even better business! If you are looking for Overwatch Merchandise or the best Overwatch inspired jackets, this place is for you. Not to mention the Star lord Guardians jacket is amazing and for the best price too!

Perfect, the best!

Ordering this men's black Soldier 76 jacket online after trying it on at Wondercon Anaheim. Going around the convention, there were many places offering cosplay jackets at more expensive prices that were nowhere near the quality of Luca. The only reason I didn't immediately buy it at the convention was because I didn't have money at the time.

This jacket is by far the best quality build, and materials I found after looking at literally dozens of others jackets.

The fit is amazing, I'm a skinny guy, 140lbs, 6ft tall, I tried on several sizes and the small was perfect. This jacket doesn't bulk up or hang on me like some jackets do, and the arms are not too short. The waist of the jacket stops right about at my belt line.

I'm going to love wearing this around casually, and putting together the rest of Soldier 76's gear for cosplay at conventions.

Can't reccomend this enough.

I also tried on the Starlord jacket, it felt and looked just as good. I will probably order one of those on the future.

Would love to see Luca do a Deadpool jacket.

Each jacket is an original and unique work of art

Luca Designs jackets are made from the highest quality real and vegan leathers for the ultimate choice in personal expression. It may vary from the one pictured. We try to minimize the variants

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