We Wear our hearts on our sleeves

Luca Designs, An alternative expression to your clothing arsenal. A place where you are accepted.  Where being different, is being cool. We strive to offer a unique approach to wearing nostalgia, high-fashion and character personalities. We are not afraid to use color, textures, high quality imported materials and detail, detail, detail. We are derived from perseverance through a disapproving society.

Be Unique

We are a brand that cannot be defined by one thing.

For Luca, Its about originality, creating jackets while aiming to be a little different than the typical, making fashion more fun. Creating a connection for those who struggle to express themselves, speaking confidence without words,  breaking the rules with freedom of artistic interpretation.

Most importantly, bringing people together through our designs.

Be Authentic

At Luca Designs, We believe in authenticity both in how we approach our style, our voice & our way of giving the most personalized approach to jackets. We challenge the status quo, we push boundaries in quality, personalized service & style.