Luca Designs Leather Cleanser and Moisturizer

USD 29.99
 Vegan Leather

Curious how to care for your new real leather jacket? As a natural material, real leather needs to be properly cleansed and cared for regularly to preserve its natural beauty and quality. Luca Designs now offers our very own Leather Cleanser and Moisturizer. Perfectly formulated for a gentle and effective clean to keep your leather jacket looking its very best.

This Leather Cleanser also works for cleaning a vegan leather jacket. Vegan leather is a synthetic material, so it will not soak up the moisture, but it will keep it looking fresh and clean.

To use, simply spray a small amount on a very soft cloth and wipe down your real leather jacket. You'll know your leather jacket needs some attention when the leather starts to feel a bit dry. A gentle wipe down once or twice a year should be more than enough to keep your real leather jacket maintained and moisturized.

To clean your vegan leather jacket, spray a tiny amount on a super soft cloth and wipe down the jacket carefully. Wipe off any excess cleanser with a clean, soft cloth.

That's it, you're good to go! Enjoy your long-lasting leather jackets with the help of the new Luca Designs Leather Cleanser and Moisturizer.

Handcrafted Designer Fashion

Luca Designs jackets are made from the highest quality real and vegan leathers for the ultimate choice in personal expression

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