About US

A Fusion of Character, Fashion, & Style

At Luca Designs® we create a wearable second skin to empower the wearer with a sense of belonging, originality, and confidence.

Our jackets inspire inclusivity with a unique edgy interpretation of pop culture heroes, villains, nostalgia, and high-end fashion.

"Every Jacket Starts as a Custom Hand Painted Design"

Nothing is More Valuable than Being Authentic

Luca came from a small town, where the group mentality often ostracized those with unorthodox ideas and a strong mind. Trade jobs and risk-adversity is encouraged while fashion and self-expression are not often understood.

"I wanted to create something that changes the way you feel, and the way people look at you, to conquer that feeling of being inside an un-imaginative box and not expressing your full potential.

I always got myself into a variety of hobbies to pass the time and art or video games to engage my emotional intelligence. Wherever I found myself, I found I never quite fit in completely, nor was I ever handed an opportunity to lead.
If I was sad, I created, If I was happy I created... I played instruments, I sculpted, I created goals and dreams, I created to preserve balance. I followed what always felt true to me no matter the consequence and I try to in-still that into Luca Designs.

Expressing my true self meant I was never fully accepted by those around me. Creating always countered those thoughts.

I projected my originality as a second skin and the stress of being different stopped. I decided to create designs to make people unique but also to bring people together.

Combining these ideas, I transform them into a wearable piece of art which instills in the wearer a sense of belonging, power, originality, confidence, and perspective."


A Unique Fashion Sense Combined With Artistic Interpretation 

Luca creates each jacket with a focus on bringing unique, high-quality, designs to those people equally passionate about pop culture and fashion.

Wearing a Luca Designs jacket can inspire confidence, and the protective skin can assist those with social anxiety to feel more comfortable in their everyday life as themselves or as a hero. 

 Expression and Creative Freedom is the Objective.  

Everyone is entitled to represent themselves the way they deserve, so we offer an unlimited design freedom.

We make jackets fun to wear but practical too, with designs that are appropriate for any environment or social situation.

We make jackets to fit any size, including custom tailored sizes, so that everyone can appreciate what we do.

We produce quality handmade jackets with the utmost attention to fashion, film, and gaming detail.

Our customers can take a piece of their favorite characters everywhere.

We offer a new fashion choice for those who respect uniqueness. 

Wear Anywhere & Everywhere