A Fusion of Character, Fashion, And Style.

Luca Designs is bringing some of the coolest characters and original textures to your clothing arsenal.
We design unique handmade leather jackets with high attention to detail while using the best materials to get the concept right.
Luca utilizes his vision to depict characters in a way most clothing developers shy away from based on complexity and innovation. Fascinated by what defines a character and what defines a person, He has always had passion for unique clothing items that project characters and colors in unique ways but utilizes the experience to create something new.

 Expression and creative freedom is the objective. 

  1. Everyone is entitled to represent him or herself the way they want, so we offer an unlimited design freedom.
  2. We make jackets fun to wear but practical too, with designs that are appropriate for any environment or social situation.
  3. Our customers take a piece of their favourite characters everywhere.
  4. We make jackets to fit any size, including custom tailored sizes, so that everyone can appreciate what we do.
  5. We produce quality handmade jackets with the up-most attention to fashion, film, & gaming detail combined.
  6. We offer a new CHOICE for those who respect uniqueness.

Nothing is more valuable than being authentic.