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April 22, 2021

Tricks for Breaking In Your New Leather Jacket

Breaking New Leather Jacket Featured Snippet

Once you receive your stylish, one-of-a-kind leather jacket—carefully crafted with authentic leather—you may find yourself fearing every movement you make while wearing it. While you’ll still need to take good care of the real leather, each moment you spend breaking in the jacket will work it toward feeling like a second skin on your torso.

Nailing the appealing, well-worn, weathered look for your real leather jacket will happen organically as you wear it, but there are some bonus tricks for breaking in your new leather jacket that can help speed up the process.

Gently Work It by Hand

One way to begin making your leather jacket less stiff is to gently roll it with your hands. Don’t be too rough with the leather—just work it well enough to loosen any tension and amplify its already soft texture. Roll it into a ball and unroll it in different directions to create natural-looking creases in the material. Repeat this for several minutes. Working with Luca Design’s soft, buttery leather will make you excited to put the jacket on and get moving.

Put the Jacket on and Move Around

The more you wear your high-quality leather jacket, the more it will feel like a second layer of skin. Wearing the jacket as you move through your usual routine at home will fit it to your body and weather it in ways that your body would normally over less time.

Whenever you get up, do some basic stretches while you’re in your new jacket; reach your arms up to the sky, touch your toes, and gently circle your arms. You want each movement to feel fluid—don’t yank the leather around with heavy exercise.

When To Condition Leather

Right after you purchase it, the best trick for breaking in your new leather jacket is to start wearing it. You won’t need to condition the leather jacket immediately, but you should condition it once to twice a year with a leather conditioner—more often if you wear it everywhere you go. Don’t use too much, and if you do, wash the jacket with saddle soap and try conditioning again.

Before you use any product on the material, check the type of leather and the care instructions from the seller for advice and products to avoid. Different leather and unique jackets may require different types of care.

Remember, we craft your signature Luca Designs leather jacket from the real animal hide—much like our own skin, it has pores and needs to breathe. Browse our collections of women’s or men’s leather jackets online for a form-fitting, custom jacket that will immediately relax to your unique body type. You’ll love wearing your authentic Luca Designs leather jacket around the house and around the world as you break it in and show it off.


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