August 31, 2018

Blue Edition Soldier 76 Leather Jacket for Overwatch Fans

Blue Edition Soldier 76 Leather Jacket
Blue Edition Soldier 76 Leather Jacket for Overwatch Fans

“Bring the noise! Bring the ruckus!”

Playing as Soldier 76 is all you can think about as you’re heading for your weekly game night. But what are you going to wear over your comfortable jeans and trusty gamer t-shirt? Searching your closet in desperation, your hand lands on the leather jacket you just bought. As you pull  it out of your closet your face lights up. It’s your most favorite gaming character Soldier 76 Leather Jacket in Blue Edition made by Luca Designs for you take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

The blue leather smells like victory.


Blue Edition Soldier 76 Leather Jacket

Finding a badass jacket inspired by one of your gaming heroes was a dream come true; Overwatch is one of your all time favorite video games. And how could it not be?

Edition Soldier 76 Leather Jacket for Overwatch Fans

Overwatch has quickly become one of the most popular video games of all time since its release into the gaming world in 2016. Amassing over 40 million players in the last two years alone, the fan favorite has inspired hundreds of gorgeous original cosplays, tons of fan art, and of course, loyal gamers. From the diverse heroes and the changeable fashions to the addictive gameplay and the fun cartoon-y look, the team-based video game has become an instant classic.

In this uncertain future: “We’re all soldiers now.”

Blue Edition Soldier 76 Jacket for Overwatch Fans



Set sixty years into an alternate future, Overwatch is a team-based first person “shooter” game that allows each player to choose from a roster of over twenty diverse hero characters. 

In the game, the Overwatch international task force was created as a reaction to the Omnic Crisis. Two veteran soldiers were put in charge of combating the threat posed by artificially intelligent Omiums.

Those two soldiers were Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison (a.k.a. Soldier 76).

Luca Design Blue Edition Soldier 76 Leather Jacket for Overwatch Fans

After the downfall of the task force and the supposed deaths of Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, corporations have started to take over and there are signs of a second Omnic Crisis imminent in Russia. Amid rampant fighting and terrorism across the globe, former members of the task force come together to combat the impending crisis. 

They reunite with Jack Morrison, now a masked vigilante known only as “Soldier 76”.

Luca Design Soldier 76 Leather Jacket for Overwatch Fans

The Soldier 76 jacket is available with either real sheepskin leather or beautiful faux leather and lined with a soft and comfortable viscose inner. The jacket features two inside pockets with a classic front zipper closure.

It also comes with a removable black shoulder strap carrying two additional exterior pockets!

Luca Design Soldier 76 Blue Leather Jacket for Overwatch Fans

Luca Designs strives to be as inclusive as the Overwatch heroes are. The blue Soldier 76 jacket is offered in two fitted styles suiting both feminine and masculine silhouettes. The jackets range in size from extra small to 4XL.

Custom sizing available for those who want the perfect fit.

Luca Design Soldier 76 Blue Jacket for Overwatch Fans

Be your own army of one when you wear this striking jacket as part of your original cosplay, or as the final touch on your casual Overwatch inspired Soldier 76 outfit. Whether you’re dressing for a costume party or as part of your everyday fandom, you’re guaranteed to stand out in this blue Jack Morrison leather jacket! 

This Soldier 76 costume jacket is a must have for any fan of the unstoppable super soldier!


Luca Designs creates high-quality, customizable leather jackets durable and comfortable enough to stand up to your everyday battle scars. This Soldier 76 leather jacket is a worthy addition to your costume closet or your next game night.

Wear Anywhere and Everywhere

Luca Design Soldier 76 Leather Blue Jacket for Overwatch Fans

And lucky you, you don’t have to wait for the next comic convention to come your way, you can set this jacket in your sights right now.

Check out our website at to order your new favorite Soldier 76 blue leather jacket!

“Old soldiers never die…and they don’t fade away…”