September 7, 2018

Dragon Ball Z Trunks Leather Jacket – Capsule Corp Jacket

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The Best Leather Jacket for DBZ Fans!

Replica to the original Dragonball Z Series, Our Trunks Leather Jacket, worn by Leon Chiro, leather capsule corp jacket.

Saturday morning cartoons were easily one of the best parts of growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Embrace your nostalgia with our modern jacket inspired by your favorite time-traveling Super Saiyan. 

Future Trunks Capsule Corps Jacket

Feel like Future Trunks by Wearing Your Own Custom Dragon Ball Z Leather Jacket!

As every super-fan knows, Dragon Ball Z picks up five years after the completion of the original Dragon Ball series. Trunks first appears as a time traveler bearing news of an imminent danger that threatens the lives of the heroes.

Capsule Corp Jacket Luca

Future Trunks’ story is arguably one of the darkest in the Dragon Ball Z series. 

Trunks is the last of the Super Saiyans in his timeline, as well as being the last defense against the android oppression. His pain and empathy makes him relatable while his skill and attitude brings out the Saiyan we always cheer for. Let’s be honest, he’s always had a piece of your heart. Mine too!

And with Halloween coming up, you want to make a cosplay to rep him in the real world. But finding the perfect final touch can be difficult. Most of his outfit is so simple, but you’re getting hung up on finding a jacket that is screen accurate, comfortable, and affordable.

That’s where Luca Designs comes in.

We worked tirelessly to perfectly capture the iconic purple/blue color for this Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks Leather Jacket. Every detail has been carefully handcrafted from each seam of the inspired design down to the Capsule Corp logo on the sleeve to keep your new jacket as accurate as possible to both the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super series. Feel like the badass future version of yourself coming to save the day every time you pull this DBZ leather jacket on!

Future Trunks Leather Jacket

Choose the full-length Trunks Leather Jacket or the more screen accurate three-quarter short cut version. 

Our Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks Jacket is made with comfortable viscose inner lining, and is available with either real sheepskin leather or soft faux leather.

Luca Designs handcrafted this Future Trunks Leather Jacket for both a masculine and feminine silhouette, featuring inner and outer pockets with a zip-up center. Our sizes range from X-Small to 4XL with custom sizing so you can get the perfect fit you’ve been looking for. 

Capsule Corp Jacket Side Luca Designs

Wear this Dragon Ball Z Trunks Leather Jacket for comic conventions as part of your original cosplay, as the final touch on your Halloween costume, or as part of your everyday Saiyan style!

The cool design of this DBZ Trunks jacket is a must have for fans of the manga and anime series. Perfect for costume, cosplay, or going Super Saiyan.

Luca Designs high-quality leather jackets ensure they will be able to be a part of your lasting wardrobe.

Get the best online shopping experience at and order your new favorite custom made Trunks jacket at an affordable price!